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ABA Automatic Gates (WA) can supply a range of automation products that can be purchased securly online and either picked up from our WA factory or delivered to you for a small fee.

Sliding Gates Product Range

Sliding Gate Automation

A range of sliding gate products including the D5 range, NEOS range, and products from Ditec and Centsys.

Sliding Gate Accessories

A range of sliding gate accessories including D5 theft resistant cages, battery backups, and gear racks from Direc and Centsys.

Swing Gate Automation

Single Vantage kits, Double Vantage kits, and Solar kits from Centsys.

Swing Gate Accessories

A range of swinging gate accessories including Vantage Cable, Vantage Brackets, PWR Single Kits, and PWR Double Kits from Ditec and Centsys.

Remote Controls

Nova remotes, wall mount pendants from Centsys and Ditec.

Radio Receivers

Nova channel receivers, Zen Radio receivers from Centsys and Direc.

Safety Beams

Centsys 15, Photon wireless safety beams from Centsys.


Centsys SmartGuard, Ditec AXK4 Radio Digital Wireless Keypad and W4 keypad and prox access.

Traffic Barriers/Boom Gates

We carry a range of traffic barriers/boom gates to suit your applications.


Cisa Elettika, Viro for swing gates, double swing gates, and pedestrian gates.

Gate Hardware

We carry a range of wheels, hinges, and guide rollers.

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The Centsys D10 SMART is rated for gates weighing up to 1,000kg. The system can handle up to 750 operations a day and has a powerful 24V motor and die-cast aluminium gearbox.

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